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TNG Corridors

Well, I'm taking a little break from the TOS stuff for a while (the bland expanses of grey walls were getting to me).  No worries, I will pick it back up for sure when the mood strikes again.

In the downtime, I started watching a lot of TNG and DS9 on Netflix, and thought I'd take the opportunity to start an Enterprise D project for UDK.  I had an Enterprise D project going in my Quake III days, but it quickly became apparent that the engine couldn't handle the more complex areas like the Bridge and Engineering, without suffering framerate-wise.

So for the last week or two, I've been working on building the corridor segments as they were depicted on Stage 9 of Paramount Studios when TNG was in its last season of production.  Here are the results:


Phaser 2

Spent the last 10 hours modelling this beauty.  This is the low-poly version, just under 5000 polygons. 

Close-up on some of the details
Here's how the phaser may eventually look from a first-person shooter perspective.

Phaser 1

This is a low-poly mesh of the Phaser 1 unit.  It was built by projecting high-poly details onto a low-poly mesh.  Although I love the high-resolution detail I am able to obtain in 3ds Max, UDK simply cannot render such objects, so they have to be condensed down into graphics-card friendly versions such as these


Medical Lab: Beginnings

Uniforms: Beginnings.

Finally started to mess around in ZBrush.  Here are the results...
Before I added the correct amount of seams to the side...
Ah.  Much better.
Rank stripes, from left to right: Admiral (Incorrect: See below), Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lt. Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant J.G., Ensign
The correct version of the Admiral rank stripes.
Alternate Commodore rank with silver band.
Command, Science, and Support Services Insignias
Seldom seen Medical patch.

McCoy's Office

The skulls that fill the shelves behind McCoy's chair will have to them in development but running into some problems.  Stay tuned...

Lighting Fix for Intensive Care Ward

Tweaked the lighting in the Intensive Care Ward a bit.  Everything was looking too dark...

Sickbay Intensive Care Ward


"I said, 'Give me the brandy!'"

Saurian Brandy.  Who could forget that classic scene where Evil Kirk stumbles into sickbay and demands good old Dr. McCoy give him some brandy?  It would be inappropriate if I didn't include the iconic bottle somewhere on the ship, be it in sickbay or tucked away under Jim Kirk's bedroll.

My digital re-creation
 It took me about three hours to model this in 3ds Max and set up the shaders in UDK.  Probably the longest amount of time I've spent on such a small nonfunctional prop.

The bottle was actually a redress of a bottle of 1964 Dickel Tennessee Whiskey.
1964 bottle of Dickel Tennessee Whiskey
Even Tellarites love the stuff.

As of one year ago on July 18th, I don't drink.  Otherwise, I'd say "Cheers!" ; )

Sickbay Examination Room

Overview of the Sickbay Examination Room
Been meaning to get back to doing regular updates.  I seem to have been posting daily at my TrekBBS thread, since I get much more feedback there than I do this blog.

Anyway, the past week or two have been focused on finishing up the Sickbay Examination Room.  I kept saying I was finished, but kept going back and adding more (like the medical device props) to get it all done before moving on.  

There's a lot of work packed into this small area.


I've set the bar incredibly high as far as detail and accuracy goes.  I want this to be the ultimate real-time 3D re-creation of the TOS Enterprise.  There's definitely some buzz going on in Trek fan world, so I want it to be the most professional attempt so far to bring these classic TV sets to life, in all their in-universe glory.  No detail is going to be overlooked.  If you look at the sickbay monitor above, notice the small on/off switch the the bottom left of the hood.  I never noticed it was even there until doing my research the other day.  At one point, I thought about leaving it out, thinking no one would ever notice.  But it would've bugged me for the rest of my days! 

So I put the small switch in, setting the bar just a little bit higher than it was before.  Now, I've got to make every pain the get this thing as accurate as possible, as long as frame-rate doesn't suffer too much!

The Jefferies Separator
This thing above?  For years, I called it the "medical crane".  Thanks to some guys over at TrekBBS, I've discovered this is actually called the "Jefferies Separator", named after Matt Jefferies, the production designer for Star Trek.  It was featured prominently in the second season episode "Journey To Babel", and was used to filter out the human blood elements from Spock's Vulcan blood, so that it could be used in a blood transfusion for his father, Sarek.

This panel above was reused a few times during the third season of Star Trek, first appearing (to my knowledge) in the engine room set in the episode "The Which Survives".  It was only seen in this location in sickbay on the very last Star Trek episode, "Turnabout Intruder".  Since my project takes place after the third season of Star Trek, it was necessary that it was included here.

The panel to the right was part of the sickbay set since the earliest produced episode of the first season, "The Corbomite Maneuver"

This desk switched several location before finally settling here beginning in the second season episode, "Amok Time".  This very same table was also used in the rec room set and a few others.

Classic Trek desktop viewer or mid-1980s PC?
One of Trek's more memorable set pieces, the desktop viewer,  was very fun to model.  To me, it captures that classic 60s sci fi vibe.

23rd Century Medical Equipment
I spent a lot of time making sure that the props you see above are as accurate as possible, given my available references.  The production team of Star Trek made use of everyday items for props due to the limited budget.  You'll see above that the "White Sound Device" is actually nothing more than an ordinary microphone.  It is also well known that the two "scalpels" with the red and green label were made out of some exotic salt shakers.


That's it for now.  Next up: Sickbay Intensive Care Ward!!!


Sickbay Beds

Sorry for the delay in posts!  Been busy with real life lately, mostly work.  Here's some early shots of the sickbay examination room, with the newly completed exam bed and exercise bed.